"Music is the language of the heart without words."

-Shinichi Suzuki

Teaching experience

  • Roberts Creek Highland Centre, violin teacher (2018), private lessons and group classes

  • Powell River Academy of Music, violin teacher (2010-2012), private lessons

Teaching Philosophy: beginner students

-Uses Suzuki method for beginners

  • Learning music is treated similarly to learning a language; aural exposure, repetition, and parental encouragement are important

  • Students are given recordings to listen to at home

  • Students learn Suzuki repertoire - melodic, fun, and expressive pieces, structured to develop elements of instrument technique in a systematic way

  • Music-reading is introduced gradually, first separately from the instrument, then integrated into repertoire learning

  • In the case of very young children, parents are expected to observe lessons and take notes, so they are familiar with how to help the child practice at home

-Incorporates games & exercises which develop students' listening and fine motor skills

-Importance of daily practice is emphasized; methods for efficient and enjoyable practice are introduced

-In addition to practicing daily, students are encouraged to listen to recordings, study scores, play in student recitals, and attend performances

-Seeks to create an inspiring, structured learning environment and to provide students with the tools they need to develop their musical voice

-Overall goal is to instill a passion and enjoyment of music in students which they carry with them throughout their lives